Frequently Asked Questions:

(and our best effort in answering them)
* Is this a competitive event?

No it is not. Entrants should expect spirited driving along 1000 miles of challenging roads. In fact, keeping your eyes on the road, given the fascinating scenery that you will be passing, might prove more challenging than you would think!

* How often does this rally take place?

It has been three years since the inaugural event. It takes allot of time and effort to organise such an event but we hope to make this a tradition.

* Shall I attend?

Yes. It will be an adventure. A very good one! Plus you will get to tell everyone that you drove in a classic through the Holy Land for over 1000 miles, at your next cocktail party.

* What’s  unique about this rally?

Driving across Israel in your significant classic car given the routes, the sights and sounds will be an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

* How do I apply?

Simple. Take a look at the registration tab above. The application process is simple and painless.

* When does the application window open and close?

Application window opens June 15th, 2017, and stays open until 15th of September 2017. We are accepting and approving entrants on a regular basis, so please apply early and with your best toy for best chances.

* Is a tourist  visa required to visit Israel?

Generally speaking no. Visitors from countries such USA, Canada, UK, EU, etc… are all exempt. Some visitors from India, Africa and East Asia require visa. Contact us if you have a question regarding visitor visa.

* How do I get my car over to Israel?

Getting you beloved car to Israel, is surprisingly easy (and cost effective). You have choice of either sea or air fright. Rates are competitive to and from Israel. For example, a single car in a sea container from the Port of NJ to Israel Port of Ashdod is roughly $2000 each way, and takes approximately 20 days. From the UK a car in a single container is about £1300 each way and takes 10-14 days. From Italy, using the port of Ravenna, the cost is approximately €1100 and takes 7-10 days.

Flights are faster, but also costlier. Rates vary but a direct cargo flight from JFK to TLV will cost approximately $10,000 for a single pallet car. There are freighter flights 7 days a week. We are proud to have as one of our main sponsors Orian-DB Scheneker (“Orian”).  Orian has taken the mission of dealing with customs and port authorities so releasing the car from the vessel into Israel will be easy and trouble free. Orian will also store the cars in it’s secured bonded facility until the owners/participants land in Israel and can take possession of their cars.

* Tell me about on the tour food and lodging?

Without boasting the best food and lodging that we could find along the route! Each hotel and food provider has been painstakingly selected. This aspect of our journey should prove a real highlight.

We are very attentive to special dietary requirement any participant might have. Contact us should you require more info.

* When do we start and finish?

We begin our road journey from Tel Aviv Hilton on March 20, 2018 08:00 and will finish in Tel Aviv 6 days later on March 25, 2018, midday. An opening gala dinner will take place at the eve of the rally, March 19, 2018 evening.

* How challenging is the course set to be?

We wanted to make sure participants can enjoy their cars, thus we chose sections and roads that are challenging, twisting and -most importantly- the best that Israel can offer. Expect reasonably long driving days on first class roads segments.

* Will there be mechanical help during the rally?

We will have basic mechanical service as well as towing with us throughout the rally. If you have specific questions or concerns we encourage you to contact the organising committee via the “contact us” page.

Will the cars be secured when they are parked?

Yes, at all the hotels where we stay overnight there will be a private parking area dedicated only to the tour’s cars. In addition to curtained-off areas, specialized security personnel will stay with the cars whenever they are parked, overnight and throughout the tour.

* What time zone is Israel on?

We are GMT+3. For example, we will be 2 hours ahead of the London UK, 7 hours ahead of the East Coast of the USA and 10 hours ahead of the West Coast.

* Tell me about the climate in Israel during March 2018?

Participants should expect reasonably temperate weather along the tour, with temperatures ranging from 18-22 centigrade along the coast, to 5-10 centigrade in the Golan Mountains. During the evening, temperatures drop materially. Statistically, this period sees limited rain and while we cannot guaranty no rain during the tour, in 2015 we had perfect weather along the route. Use the following link for more detailed weather information:

* Will people be able to speak my language?

If you speak Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and German, we assure that you will have conversation buddies along the journey. Israelis are relatively fluent in English, so expect little trouble.

* Traffic rules, what can i expect?

Traffic rules in Israel are very westernised. We drive on the right side of the road, don’t turn right on red, pass traffic only when it is allowed and other usual things. All traffic measures in Israel are on a metric basis (KM, KPH, Meters).

* Currency, Credit Cards, ATM, how do I pay for things?

Easy! First, the local currency is the Israeli Shekel, at the time of writing one US$ is worth about 3.5 shekels. You can convert most major currencies at most bank branches. ATM and credit cards are widely used. VISA, AMEX, Diners cards are welcomed at most establishments. You can pay for fuel in currency or credit card. As part of your entry fee, food and lodging are fully covered.

* Fuel – details please?

In Israel all fuel is Unleaded, and carry a rating of either a European (RON) of 95 or 98 octane. For our North American participants, this is equal to US pump rating (AKI/PON) of 92 and 94 respectively.

* Obligatory insurance:

Every car on the road must carry obligatory third party insurance. With the generous help of our sponsor Harel Insurance we have arranged the compulsory coverage in Israel to be at no cost for a participants for the duration of the rally. Additionally, Hagerty Insurance (our sponsor) will offer US participants who are already Hagerty client’s comprehensive coverage at a competitive rate or at no charge (depending on the coverage level they already have with Hagerty). We suggest contacting Hagerty directly for eligibility. Participants from outside the USA might find the coverage they wish to have at Hagerty but it is not guaranteed. Any inquiries as of insurance coverage should be addressed to Lewis Duink at (+12319228832) for specific guidance.

* Can me and my car stay in Israel post the rally finish?

You may leave your car in Israel for a limited time post the rally. Contact us for more info.

* Anything else we did not cover?

We are sure there are many more items that we did not cover, watch this page for more updated info and details.