Dear Holyland1000 family members,

It has been several weeks since we said our goodbyes on the shores of Caesarea and brought to a close an inspirational, once in a lifetime event (at least for us 😊).

We have taken some quite time away from event-related activity but kept on working in the background to collate and edit the media materials that have gathered.

Below you will find the talented Ezra Rafael’s  6-minute film trailer. We are sure you will find it rekindles vivid memories of our emotional drive through the Holy land. Please enjoy and share. A full-length tour movie is being worked on and will be shared with you in due time.

We are certain that you will recall our stills photographers Ronen Topelberg and Gadi Sierra. Their work can be found at the following link. Each participating car has been allocated its specific gallery of pictures, just look for your car number to find your pictures.

We plan on mailing to each participating team a personalized photo album and a 2018 tour mantlepiece. Work is underway, and a separate email will be sent once the package is ready to be mailed to you.  Our website will be undergoing an update in an effort to feature more of the 2018 event, please visit in the coming weeks.

Lastly, through the generous work of some of our participants, in the coming weeks you might see articles covering the event in various, highly-regarded publications. We thank those who have self-volunteered to help spread the word. Should you feel you care to publicise your own account through your chosen media outlet we stand by to help with materials and media content.

We genuinely miss our journey together, we hoped that the forged friendships new and old will last a lifetime,


Yours truly

Amir and Elad